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About us - Jeannie Benavente Certified LDP by Arizona Supreme Court
Jeannie Benavente is certified by the Arizona Supreme Court as a Legal Document Preparer (AZCLDP #81429) with more than 30 years of experience preparing legal documents and working with top attorneys in a wide variety of practice areas, including civil litigation and community association law. Jeannie studied economics and finance at the University of Arizona and Portland State University. When she is not working, Jeannie can usually be found in the kitchen planning menus or cooking and spending time with her family.

What does the LDP certification mean? The Arizona Supreme Court only grants certification to entities and individuals who have the requisite combination of education and experience, and who pass the Arizona Supreme Court’s examination and background investigation. We work with an amazing group of experts who are specialists in their field – from court runners to title research consultants to property asset locators. Accuracy and efficiency are top priorities so clients feel confident.

About us - Dahlia Rampolla Dahlia M. Rampolla spent 12 years as a Compliance Officer for the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, Civil Rights Division, investigating cases of discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodation. She has worked as a Judicial Assistant and Bailiff for the Pima County Consolidated Courts. She currently works for a private law firm. She holds a B.A. in American Literature from the University of Puerto Rico and has worked as an English as a Second Language teacher in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Dahlia also volunteers her time at the Gut Check Foundation and is a member and contributor of the National Language Service Corps (NLSC) providing supplemental language resources to U.S. federal agencies on an as-needed basis. She is originally from Puerto Rico and has lived in Tucson, Arizona for the past 16 years with her husband and two sons.

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WEST LDP provides certified legal document preparation services in Arizona. Our property management and self-managed association clients use our service to save associations thousands of dollars. Arizona law firms and self-represented judgment creditors rely on us to prepare and process wage and bank garnishments. Our process starts with thorough research and ends with client satisfaction. We handle everything from researching the current residence of the judgment debtor (if not known) to researching and/or verifying employment, preparing the garnishment documents, tracking the garnishment and satisfying/releasing the judgment once it has been paid in full.

What is a certified LDP? “Legal Document Preparer” refers to an individual (or business entity) certified by the Arizona Supreme Court to prepare or provide legal documents, without the supervision of an attorney, for an entity or a member of the public who is not otherwise represented in a given legal matter. Section 7-208(A) of the Arizona Code of Judicial Administration.

Why is an individual or business required to be certified by the Arizona Supreme Court to prepare documents for members of the public? “The supreme court has inherent regulatory power over all persons providing legal services to the public, regardless of whether they are lawyers or nonlawyers. The court recognizes that the need to protect the public from possible harm caused by non-lawyers providing legal services must be balanced against the public’s need for access to legal services.” Section 7-208(C) of the Arizona Code of Judicial Administration.

Are LDPs permitted to prepare, execute and record liens? YES. Section 7-208 of the Arizona Code of Judicial Administration was amended in 2013 to specifically allow LDPs to prepare, sign and record lien notices related to a condominium or planned community association liens created pursuant to ARS §33-1256 (condominiums) and §33-1807 (planned communities) on behalf of homeowner and condominium associations.