Legal Document Preparation Services
Certified By The Arizona Supreme Court

Attorneys & Judgment Creditors

We assist attorneys and self-represented judgment creditors execute judgments to collect the judgment balance owed. Our process starts with thorough research and ends with client satisfaction. We handle everything from research the current residence of the judgment debtor (if not known) to researching and/or verifying employment, preparing the garnishment documents, tracking the garnishment and satisfying/releasing the judgment once it has been paid in full.

Our property management and self-managed association clients use our service to save associations thousands of dollars each year.

The process is simple. The client association contact or manager provides us the owner name, subject property address, lot or unit number and the amount of debt.

We take it from there. We will search for pending bankruptcy, research the relevant county office records to retrieve the vesting deed for the owner, address & lot verification. We also search for foreclosure activity on the property and then prepare, process, record and deliver the lien.

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