Lien Process

The lien process is comprehensive:

(1) Our client (Association or manager) emails the following information to §WEST LDP:

• Name of owner

• Street address of subject property

• Lot or unit number

• Amount of debt (or updated ledger)

(2) Upon receipt of the work order, §WEST LDP will do the following:

• Search for bankruptcy

• Research County Recorder’s database

• Review County Assessor’s database

• Retrieve current recorded deed

• Verify owner, street address and lot

• Search for foreclosure activity

• Search for all property owned in Arizona

• Prepare Notice of Lien

• Execute lien before a notary public

• Prepare cover letter

• Mail copies of lien and demand to owner

• Record Notice of Lien

• Deliver recorded lien

(3) Once the debt is paid, the client gives notice to §WEST LDP with instructions to release lien.

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